London/United kingdom – Negotiation of 25-million dollar Loan Agreement for investment in Airline Company.

Warsaw/Poland – Exercise of Put Option by major local airline (aircraft buy back followed by trade up).

Dublin/Ireland – Discussions and Presentation to Irish Aviation Authority of Leasing Company enterprise so as to allow registration of used Aircraft in Ireland.

Lisbon/Portugal – Negotiation of standard Services Agreement on used aircraft to be provided by local Repair Facility.

Istanbul/Turkey – Lease Agreements of 2 used jets to be operated by local airline company (Lease plus ancillary documents).

Paris/France – Assistance on French Bidding Process and incidental commercial transaction.

USA / Canada

New York/USA – Negotiation for amicable set up of debs arising from operating lease agreement.

Miami/USA – Obtaining Release Injunction from Miami Tribunal for release of Boeing 737-300 arrested (deposition in US Court).

Atlanta/USA – Debt Restructuring and Services Agreement with major US Airline.

Los Angeles/USA – Debt restructuring with major US finance Corporation.

San Francisco/USA – Debt restructuring with major US Engine Leasing Group.

Miami/USA – Negotiation for amicable return of aircraft, followed by foreclosure of mortgage and financial set up.



Bangkok/Thailand – Sale of 2 Aircraft to the Ministry of Defence (Army and Navy)

South Asia

Chennai/India – Lease of first 2 Brazilian jets to be operated by local start-up airline (Lease plus ancillary documents).

Latin America

Santo Domingo/ Dominican Republic – Foreclosure on aircraft mortgages; repossession action followed by financial set up.

Caracas/Venezuela – Negotiation for amicable return of aircraft, followed by financial composition.

Bogotá/Colombia – Lease of 2 jets / Public Sale of Trainer Aircraft to Local Air force (Lease plus ancillary documents).

Montevideo/Uruguay – Assistance and Consultancy on Project Finance involving used assets.

Brasília/Brazil – Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreement under public Brazilian laws.

Quito/Ecuador – Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreements under Ecuadorian public laws.

Mexico City/Mexico – Assistance and Consultancy on Services Agreement under Mexican public laws.


Cape Town/South Africa – Sale of 2 executive Aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force.